Caregiver tools to navigate caring for aging loved one

When you don’t have time to read through dozens of articles to figure out what to do about a particular situation, cut to the chase with these self-guided checklists, guides, and tools.  Download and print conversation guides and checklists to help guide you through difficult conversations.


Conversation Guide: How to talk to your loved one about giving up their car keys

You’ve been concerned and now it’s finally time to talk to your loved one about stopping driving. For some, this can be the first major step in giving up autonomy and will likely make a major impact to daily life. It’s not surprising that these conversations are often heated! Whether you’ve tried to have the conversation or are attempting it for the first time, try this guide to help you have a productive conversation. And if the conversation isn’t successful, consider one of these strategies if you have to take matters into your own hands.


List: Post this in your loved one's home to remind them of fraud threats

Are you worried about your parent falling for one of the horrendous scams targeting seniors? We don’t blame you…in 2018 5 million seniors were targeted by financial scammers! While there are several steps you can take to help prevent fraud, you can’t be with your parent at all times. Print and post these tips and tricks to avoid being scammed, walk your parent through each of them, and tape them up around the house in areas where they will be reminded should a scam attempt occur – near the phone, front door, and computer.


Conversation Guide: Discussing caregiving roles and responsibilities amongst siblings

One of the most common effects of caring for an aging relative is fraught relationships between siblings. Disagreements about moving into an assisted living facility, accusations about finances, or the primary caregiver feeling like they are carrying all of the care duties, are just a few examples how difficult it can be for a family to cope with an aging relative. Don’t let sibling relationships fall apart during a time when you need support from each other the most. Download this guide to help plan roles and responsibilities amongst siblings so you can focus on caring for your parent.


Checklist: How to make sure you are prepared legally

Keeping track of the documents your loved one needs to have completed before something goes wrong can be overwhelming. That is why we created this checklist: to serve as an easy tool to help keep you and your loved stay on track for success during the aging process.  These documents can help make the tough times easier.


Decluttering Guide: How to help your senior parents stay organized (and safe!) at home

While you can modify or renovate your parents’ home to help them live independently as long as they can, another important step to safely aging in place is decluttering and organizing their home. Not only does this make for a simpler life that’s easier for those with dwindling memories to navigate, but it also can ensure safety. Here are some room-by-room suggestions for ways that you can help your mom and dad stay safer and more organized.


Aging in place: A room by room guide to optimizing the home 

Aging adults can maintain their sense of independence and stay connected to their community by staying in their familiar, comfortable homes. Consider the following modifications to ensure a safe environment to keep your parents at home longer.


List: Essential paperwork to locate 

Do yourself a favor and pull together these important documents sooner rather than later. Having a file with all this information will definitely make things easier down the line. 


Checklist: When is it time to move to assisted living?

Choosing to move an aging family member into an assisted living community isn’t something to take lightly. If you’re wondering if it’s time to consider a transition out of the home, ask yourself these questions to help make this difficult decision.